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Zoutkamp is a picturesque village in the municipality of Het Hogeland, at the very top of the Netherlands and located at the foot of National Park Lauwersmeer. It is a village with a rich history. Zoutkamp used to be a tactically important defensive entrenchment, nowadays the fishing village is best known for the Dutch (North Sea, gray) shrimp.

At Zoutkamp the rivers Reitdiep, Lauwers and Hunsingo Canal come together, a confluence of waters unique in Europe. Zoutkamp also has the largest concentration of monumental works of art in the world, with various locks and bridges.

Thanks to its excellent location at the spacious water, the visible history, the beautiful views and with National Park Lauwersmeer around the corner, Zoutkamp has become a tourist attraction over the years.

Zoutkamp used to watch over the city of Groningen. It was a stronghold that could stop the ships to and from Groningen with cannons. Due to its location, Zoutkamp was both of military importance and important for coastal fishing. Fishing vessels came and went…

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