Good quality bikes made in Holland

Safe and sound on your way

Our e-bikes

After extensive research for a decent e-bike we choose bikes from the relatively new Qwic brand. It’s made in Holland and as Dutchies ourselves that is nice little fact :)

Our e-bikes are high-quality electric bikes with a strong mid-drive motor, disc brakes, front and seat suspensions. The mid-drive motor is equipped with a rotation and pedal force sensor. These sensors ensure that you are supported as well as possible while cycling, based on both the speed and the pressure you apply to the pedals. Because the mid-drive motor is positioned low in the center of the frame, the bikes are very stable and provide a very natural assistance.

We have equipped our bicycles with high range batteries, that will easily last the entire trip. The 650Wh battery will last for nearly 80 km (50 miles) at the maximum speed of roughly 28 km/h (17.5 mph). Needles to say, there is no need to worry about the battery and you won’t be dragging a charger around on your trip.

All in all they are good, solid, comfortable and sporty bike that guarantee a day filled with fun and without worries.

  • Top brand bikes

  • Equipped with mid-motor
  • Daily serviced and cleaned

Our regular bicycles

Our regular bikes are robust Gazelle Orange models. Equipped with 7 gears they have long since proven their quality and their comfort.

The right size bike

We have bicycles in several sizes, which will suit most people:

Size S. Length up to approx. 165 cm (5’5″). (frame size 49)

Size M. Length from approx. 165 cm (5’5″) to approx. 180 cm (5’11”). (frame size 53)

Size L. Length from approx. 180 cm (5’11”). (frame size 57)

We have 24″ children’s bicycles, for children from approx. 8 to 12.

Why do things the hard way?


Besides a decent bicycle we offer a few things to make life just a nudge better. We are always looking to improve.

  • Panniers
  • Rear bicycle seat
  • Dog cart

Rear bicycle seat
The Bobike ONE Maxi is a child seat suitable for children with age ranging from 18 months to about 5 years, or a maximum weight of 22 kg.

Dog cart
The Dog Cart is suitable for dogs with a maximum weight of 30kg. Dimensions: 79 x 52 x 58 cm