Route: The river Lauwers

The river Lauwers

The Lauwers is a small river that forms part of the border between the provinces of Friesland and Groningen. The river is the namesake of the original Lauwer(s)zee or the current Lauwersmeer and of the villages Lauwerzijl and Lauwersoog.

Our route cycles all the way around the Lauwers, but does not cross it! Enjoy the beautiful scenery around the river.

45 kilometers of nature and tranquility

Pure enjoyment!

Cycle past:
  • Munnekezijl
  • Warfstermolen
  • Gerkesklooster
  • Pieterzijl
  • Lauwerzijl
  • Electra
  • Houwerzijl

This route follows the standard cycling junctions. All routes start and end at junction 90. Junction 90 can be found in Zoutkamp at the intersection of Sluisweg and Spuistraat.

Start 90 3.16mi 92 0.5mi 93 1.67mi 86 2.7mi 87 1.05mi 80 0.25mi 97 1.42mi 03 2mi 02 2.8mi 07 1.6mi 99 1.24mi 46 1.61mi 94 2.11mi 95 1.24mi 91 1.67mi 98 1.80mi 88 0.93mi 90 Total 28mi

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