Route: Around the Lauwersmeer

Around the Lauwermeer

Our most famous route. Experience the National Park Lauwersmeer by bike. Enjoy the water, nature and freedom.

27.3 or 36 miles

Discover the most beautiful part of the Netherlands by bike and decide for yourself how far you want to go. This route will take about 4 to 6 hours.

Cycle past:
  • Zoutkamperril
  • Lauwersoog
  • Lauwersmeer
  • Waddenzee
  • Paesens-Moddergat
  • Oosternijkerk
  • Morra
  • Anjum
  • Oostmahorn
  • Esumakeech
  • Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen

This route follows the standard Dutch cycling junctions (or nodes). All routes start and end at junction 90. Junction 90 can be found in Zoutkamp at the intersection of Sluisweg and Spuistraat.

Start 90 0.62mi 89 5.09mi 06 2.11mi 05 0.43mi 73 4.03mi 04 2.48mi 44 1.18mi

36 0.37mi 14 1.05mi 37 2.54mi 15 1.49mi 45 0.24mi 46 3.60mi 13 2.48mi

50 0.49mi 83 0.24mi 85 2.05mi 84 4.90mi 88 1.30mi 90 Total 36mi

You can choose whether you follow the long or short route, the short route is 8.7 miles shorter. For the short route, go directly to point 45 (0.31mi) at point 04.

Download the route in PDF format for your own use. We also have a printed version available for you at the shop.