Bicycle rental Zoutkamp

Bicycle rental Zoutkamp

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We are Daan and Chantal Oostindiën and we have been running a bicycle rental in Zoutkamp since 2022. Born out of love for the area and for cycling, we want to introduce everyone to our region in this beautiful way. The Lauwersmeer, the Wadden Sea, the Reitdiep, the Lauwers, Middag-Humsterland, Friesland.. All within reach of our beautiful town.

We go for quality over quantity. That means high-quality, well-maintained and clean bicycles, but not an unlimited supply. It is therefore wise to book in advance.

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It’s quite an exciting adventure

“We are a young family with young children, to invest all your savings in such a project is quite exciting! But we believe in it and go for it 100%, that is important.”